Meet Teresa

Teresa Gallegos grew up in rural Virginia in a minimum-wage, single-mother household. Her family depended on Medicaid, WIC, food stamps, and free school lunches to make ends meet. She has a first-hand understanding of the reality many Arkansans face every day for survival, and the innate desire and drive to improve the quality of life for everyone in our community.

Teresa had the strength and resiliency to continue her education as a first-generation college student. She earned her Associate of Science in Business Administration from Virginia Western Community College in Roanoke, Virginia and her Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management from the Virginia Tech Pamplin College of Business in Blacksburg, Virginia. Teresa’s business education prepared her to be an academic conference and event coordinator at Virginia Tech, and she was recently the Business Director for a national hospitality public relations firm.
Teresa and her husband settled in Russellville, Arkansas when he accepted a position as Assistant Professor at Arkansas Tech University. Russellville immediately felt like home. Teresa immersed herself in the local community because she saw the value and potential in Russellville’s people, food systems, economy, and surrounding natural environment. She is an elected Board Member of Russellville Community Market and volunteers with River Valley Food 4 Kids.

Teresa Gallegos is not a polished politician with a political science or law degree. She is not running for office to fall in line and follow anyone’s playbook. In fact, she had never volunteered for a political campaign until Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign was announced in 2015. He was the first politician she had ever personally connected with on the issues his campaign focused on: social, economic and environmental justice.

After spending countless hours phone banking and canvassing, Teresa was elected as a pledged delegate to represent Arkansas Congressional District 3 voters at the 2016 Democratic National Committee Convention in Philadelphia. When she returned home, Teresa stayed involved in the political process. She ran, and was elected Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Pope County. Now, on May 22, 2018, Teresa Gallegos will be on the ballot for Arkansas Senate District 16. Teresa will use her knowledge and personal experience to make certain the people of Arkansas are put first over the corporate interests that are controlling our government. As a Democrat, Teresa cares about people and thinks for herself. She will represent, reflect, and be accountable to constituents without being bought by large financial donors.

Teresa Gallegos is ready to listen, observe, and work to make fair decisions for the good of everyone in our community, not a select few.When we all do better, we all do better!