Investing in Children and Educators

Education is the foundation of our community. I fully support funding and providing necessary resources for universal pre-k in public schools. When I am challenged with issues impacting public education, I will reach out to the experts in the field – the teachers in the classroom.

Arkansas Tech University Funding

ATU earns the second highest funding increase based on excellent performance but is the fifth highest state funded higher education institute in Arkansas. I will work to secure equitable funding for ATU.

Debt-Free Education

Students who work hard and earn good grades should have a path to attend public colleges, universities, vocational or trade schools without extensive debt.

Cost of Healthcare

It shouldn’t be necessary to create a GoFundMe page to pay for unexpected medical costs. The greed of private health insurance and pharmaceutical companies must stop. I support lowering the cost of insurance and prescription drugs. I will work to provide access to healthcare for all by working to remove barriers to coverage.


More than 50% of children in Arkansas Senate District 16 live in poverty. No one working 40 hours a week should struggle to provide basic necessities for their family. I support raising the minimum wage in Arkansas.


I am already a strong supporter of local businesses in District 16, and I will work to keep us moving forward on the path of economic vitality and growth. If confirmed by Congress or the Supreme Court, I support implementing an internet sales tax in Arkansas to create fairness for our local retailers to compete in today’s digital economy.